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Credit Union Supervision Contacts

The primary responsibility of the Supervisory Division is the supervision, regulation, and examination of Georgia state-chartered financial institutions including: banks, credit unions and trust companies. This Division also supervises bank holding companies and international banking organizations. The Division is also responsible for processing various types of applications, registrations, and notifications filed by financial institutions.

PLEASE NOTE: The Department does not regulate or have jurisdiction over credit unions that are federally chartered or headquartered in another state and cannot assist with any consumer inquiries or complaints concerning these institutions.



Lori Godfrey, Deputy Commissioner for Supervision

Pam Keane, Director for Supervision

Lori Binford, Supervisory Manager: (Credit Union Specialist); Credit Unions - District 1

Mark Pressler, Supervisory Manager: (Capital Markets Specialist); Credit Unions - Districts 2; Delta

Murali Ramachandran, Supervisory Manager: (Applications); Credit Unions - Districts 4

Brittany Bohannon, Supervisory Manager: (Trust Specialist); Credit Unions - District 5

Northwest District (District 1) - Woodstock:

e-mail: Melissa Sneed, District Director 
e-mail: Susan Andrews, Supervisory Examiner
e-mail: Rich Parker, Supervisory Examiner

Northeast/Central District (District 2) - Loganville:

e-mail: Dennis McNeer, District Director
e-mail: Justin McElheney, Supervisory Examiner 
e-mail: Mathew Robinson, Supervisory Examiner

Southeast District (District 4) - Dublin:

e-mail: Janet Bryan, District Director
e-mail: Mark Smith, Supervisory Examiner (Dublin Office)

Southwest District (District 5) - Tifton:

e-mail: Ginny Riddick, District Director
e-mail: Sue Ann Tucker, Supervisory Examiner