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Registration of Representative Offices

Registration of Representative Offices:

Banks, bank holding companies, and/or their subsidiaries and agents may establish representative offices anywhere in Georgia to conduct a business other than a banking business.

Bank Holding Company Registration

Registration of Bank Holding Company with Out-of-State Bank Having Offices in Georgia:

All out-of-state bank holding companies who own out-of-state banks with branches in Georgia must register annually on forms prescribed by the Department. This includes holding companies of Federal thrifts also.

Credit Union Fixed Asset Expansion Package

This document contains guidance for credit union's considering large fixed asset purchases/expansions, including the application form for prior Department approval, where warranted.

Registration of Trust Production Offices

Registration of Trust Production Offices:

A Trust Production Office is a trust sales office of a qualifying individual or corporate fiduciary.  Sales activities shall consist primarily of marketing or soliciting in this state using mail, telephone, or electronic means or in person to act or propose to act as a fiduciary outside this state.  No fiduciary activities may be performed at a trust production office.