Frequently Requested Information

Department Institution/Licensee Searches:

Links are to searches for Georgia state-chartered financial institutions and other entities that are licensed or registered with the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. Data is updated nightly (Monday - Friday).

Other Agency Financial Institution and Licensee Searches:

  • Bank Find (Links off-site to FDIC) - Bank Find can answer questions such as: Is My Bank Insured? Where are My Bank's Branches Located? Where is My Bank's Home (Main) Office Located? What is My Bank's Web Site Address? What Happened to My Bank (Historical List of Events)? Does My Bank have a New Name? Is My Bank Still Open? And More.
  • Financial Data and Other Information for a Credit Union (NOTE: Links Off-site to NCUA)
  • Bank Deposit Demographics / Summary of Deposits (Links off-site to FDIC)
  • NMLS Consumer Access is a free service for consumers to confirm that the financial-services company or professional with whom they wish to conduct business is authorized to conduct business in their state. Information made available through NMLS Consumer AccessSM is derived from NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry or Nationwide Multistate Licensing System), the financial services industry's online registration and licensing database.

Forms and Applications for Regulated Entities:

Certificate of Valid Existence/Letter of Good Standing:

Request for Permission to use “bank”, "credit union", or “trust” and/or similar word(s) in a name: