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How Do I?

Find out if a Mortgage Loan Originator is Licensed
The Department has received numerous calls from MLO applicants regarding the status of their application with the Department. Information is available from the NMLS Consumer Access website once the Department has taken action on an MLO application (i.e., approved, denied, revoked, suspended, expired). If you conduct a search through NMLS Consumer Access and the Department has not acted on your application, the search will return a "No Match Found" response.

Pay GRMA Per Loan Fees Online
This link takes you to a secure site where you can file and pay your GRMA per loan fees online. Remittal of the GRMA per loan fees may only be made on-line by entities in the Department's database. With the on-line payment process, the Department accepts either ACH drafts on your checking account or Visa, MasterCharge, AmericanExpress, or DiscoverCard credit cards.

Request Permission to use "bank", "credit union" or "trust"
Request permission to use "bank", "credit union" or "trust" in a name.

Search for a Georgia State-Chartered Bank
Search for a Georgia state-chartered bank, regulated by the Georgia Department of Banking & Finance.

Search for a Georgia State-Chartered Credit Union
Search for a Georgia state-chartered credit union, regulated by the Department of Banking & Finance.

Search for a Georgia Money Service Business (MSB) Licensee
Search for a Money Service Business regulated by the Department of Banking and Finance (i.e., check cashers, sale of check/money order companies, and money transmitters).

Search for a Georgia Mortgage Lender, Broker or Processor Licensee
Conduct a search for currently licensed mortgage brokers, lenders, processors and registrants.

Report Mortgage Fraud
Links to a document where you may report suspected mortgage fraud to the Department.

Charter a State Bank
Find information and resources regarding chartering a state bank in Georgia or converting from a federal/national bank to a state bank charter.