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Money Transmission/Money Transmitter

Generally, a money transmitter is a person or business entity that transmits money by means of a transmittal instrument.  As used in Georgia law, “money transmission” means engaging in the business of receiving money for transmission or transmitting money within the United States or to locations abroad by any and all means including, but not limited to, an order, wire, facsimile, or electronic transfer.   If a person is receiving money for transmission on behalf of another person or persons, they will need to be licensed.  If a person were sending money on their own behalf, they would not need to be licensed.

Money transmitters and sale of check and money order companies operating in Georgia should be licensed with the Department. There are certain entities, however, that are exempt from licensing requirements.

Those Exempt from Licensing Requirements:

  • The U.S. or a department, agency, or instrumentality thereof;
  • The U.S. Postal Service;
  • A state, county, city, or any other governmental agency or governmental subdivision of a State;
  • The authorized agent of a licensee; or
  • A bank or trust company, credit union, international banking corporation, savings bank organized under the laws of a State or the U.S.

To find out if an entity is licensed or registered as a money transmitter in Georgia, go to our Money Service Businesses (MSB) search page

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To report an unlicensed money transmitter to the Department, you may contact the MSB section of the Non-Depository Financial Institutions Division by one of the following methods. Be sure to include the name of the business, address (if known), and any other details you have:

Phone: (770) 986-1652
Fax:  (770) 986-1655

Mail: Department of Banking and Finance
          2990 Brandywine Road, Suite 200
          Atlanta, GA 30341-5565