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New MSB Applicants

IMPORTANT NOTE: Application fees for new licenses are non-refundable, regardless of whether a license is granted.  A checklist is included in the application package to assist applicants in ensuring that they submit all appropriate documents to the Department.

Information for New Check Casher Applicants
Information for New Seller-Issuer of Payment Instrument Applicants
Information for New Money Transmitter Applicants



Failure to have renewed the appropriate MSB license prior to expiration requires an application for reinstatement of the license.

This requires the submission of a new license application form and all supporting documents and fees. The application form is the same as for new applicants. Please utilize the links above to download the appropriate application form.  When submitting the application to the Department, please indicate "Reinstatement" on the first page of the application form.

Once a reinstatement application is submitted, the licensee will be contacted only by e-mail in the event additional information is required. Reinstatement applications requiring additional information cannot be approved until such additional information is received and approved. All fines and fees must be paid before a reinstatement license is issued.