Staff Contact Information

The information provided below links to the primary contacts, by Division, of the Department of Banking and Finance.

Main Office Mailing Address, Phone & Fax Numbers:

Department of Banking and Finance
2990 Brandywine Road, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30341-5565

Phone: (770) 986-1633 or
Toll Free: (888) 986-1633
Fax: (770) 986-1654 or 1655

Non-Depository Financial Institutions Division Fax:
(770) 986-1029 or 1655

OFFICE HOURS are 8:00am to 4:30pm - Monday thru Friday

Organizational Chart:


Kevin B. Hagler, Commissioner

Steve Pleger, Senior Deputy Commissioner


The primary responsibility of the Supervision Division is the supervision, regulation, and examination of Georgia state-chartered financial institutions including: banks, credit unions, trust companies and merchant acquirer limited purpose banks chartered in Georgia. The Division also regulates bank holding companies and international banking organizations conducting business in Georgia. The Division is also responsible for processing various types of applications, registrations, and notifications filed by financial institutions. The Supervision Division has four examination districts which have district work areas located in various geographic regions of the state to facilitate the supervisory process.

(PLEASE NOTE: The Department does not regulate or have jurisdiction over national banks, state banks headquartered outside of Georgia, trust companies headquartered outside of Georgia, federal credit unions, and credit unions headquartered outside of Georgia and cannot assist with any consumer inquiries or complaints concerning such institutions.)

Bank and Related Entities Supervision Contacts
Credit Union Supervision Contacts


The Non-Depository Financial Institutions Division is primarily responsible for the licensing, supervision, and examination of mortgage brokers/processors, lenders, registrants, and loan originators. This Division is also responsible for licensing and supervision of check cashers, sellers/issuers of payment instruments and money transmitters (collectively referred to as Money Service Businesses or MSBs).

Link to Division Contacts concerning Mortgage Entities
Link to Division Contacts concerning MSBs


The Legal Affairs Division is primarily responsible for legal advice and legislative drafting support for the Commissioner and Department staff.  The Program also responds to Georgia Open Records Act requests and subpoena responses, in addition to coordinating legal matters with the Georgia Attorney General's Office and other state and local agencies.

Oscar B. Fears, III, Deputy Commissioner for Legal Affairs


The primary responsibilities of the Administrative Division are human resources, accounting, budget and support services.

Renee Martin, Deputy Commissioner for Administration

Christopher Pittman, Accounting Director I

Marilyn Harris, Personnel Officer