Melissa Sneed, Deputy Commissioner for Supervision

Pam Keane, Director for Supervision

Victoria Williams, Supervisory Manager: Banks & Holding Companies - Northeast/Central; Large Banks

Mathew Robinson, Supervisory Manager: Banks & Holding Companies - Southeast

Brittany Bohannon, Supervisory Manager: Banks & Holding Companies - Northwest and Southwest

Kevin Vaughn, Supervisory Manager: Information Technology Specialist and Supervision-Priority Projects

Corporate Applications:

Northwest District - Woodstock:

e-mail: Rich Parker, District Director
e-mail: Natalie Lovingood, Supervisory Examiner
e-mail: Casey Cook, Supervisory Examiner

Northeast/Central District - Atlanta:

e-mail: Dennis McNeer, District Director
e-mail: Jack Jackson, Supervisory Examiner

e-mail: Ashley Miller, Supervisory Examiner

Southeast District - Dublin:

e-mail: Janet Bryan, District Director
e-mail: Hersha Herndon, Supervisory Examiner

e-mail: Chris Ward, Supervisory Examiner

Southwest District - Tifton:

e-mail: Mark Smith, District Director
e-mail: Billy Houston, Supervisory Examiner

e-mail: Frankie Keeling, Supervisory Examiner