CU Forms and Applications

Credit Union Applications Manual:

This manual provides all applicable users a detailed guide to the processes and procedures involved in the various credit union transactions requiring Department approval, review, registration or notification.

Field of Membership (FOM) Expansion:

Applications for credit union field of membership (FOM) expansion.


A Georgia state-chartered credit union may, with the approval of the Department, merge with another federally insured Georgia state-chartered credit union, a federally insured federal credit union, or a federally insured state credit union chartered by another state credit union regulator. Refer to the Credit Union Applications Manual for application instructions.

Branch Offices: New/Relocation:

Credit Unions seeking the Department’s approval to establish a new branch office or relocate an existing branch office should utilize this form below. If the credit union meets expedited processing criteria, a letter form notification should be submitted to this office in lieu of the branch office application.

Standard Form Bylaws:


Authorization to Retain Real Estate:

This form is to be used by credit unions to request that the Department grant an extension of time in which to dispose of real estate held longer than is provided in Georgia Code Section 7-1-650(9).



Request for Permission to use “bank”, "credit union", or “trust” and/or similar word(s) in a name:

Request Permission to use "bank", "credit union", or "trust" in a name - (pursuant to Section 7-1-243 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated)


    Verification of Lawful Presence within the United States (Financial Institutions):

    The Department of Banking and Finance is required to verify the lawful presence of every individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company or other business entity submitting an application for public benefits as defined by O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1(4).


      Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization Form and Instructions:

      EFT/ACH Authorization Form and Instructions for Annual Assessments for State-Chartered Financial Institutions