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The Department has regulatory authority over certain residential mortgage brokers, lenders, processors, and mortgage loan originators conducting business in Georgia. 

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The Annual License/Registration Renewal Period for 2019 has ended.

Georgia's annual license/registration renewal period is between November 1 and December 1.  Late Renewals are permitted between December 2 and December 31.    Incomplete applications will be subject to expiration after December 31.

  • A licensee/registrant that has a complete renewal application (i.e., renewal application filed, and all fines and renewal fees paid) pending through the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System as of December 31, 2018, can continue to work as a Georgia mortgage loan originator (if they have an active sponsor), mortgage broker or mortgage lender unless and until there is a surrender/withdrawal of the license/registration or a final order of denial or revocation is issued by the Department.
  • If the renewal request is still pending after 12/31/2018, check the NMLS record for any deficiencies or license items placed by the Department.  No renewal request will be approved with outstanding license items. 
  • Renewal applicants with incomplete applications (e.g., unpaid fines/fees, license items) will be expired or sent for a denial of renewal during the month of January 2019.  Broker and Lender licenses in an expired status may not conduct Georgia activity.  Mortgage Loan Originators in an expired status may not conduct origination activity for Georgia loans.


Please note that the NMLSR federal registration process must be utilized if you are an employee of a bank, bank subsidiary or a credit union.  As required under federal law, residential mortgage loan originators employed by banks, savings associations, credit unions, or Farm Credit System institutions must register with the registry, obtain a unique identifier from the registry, and maintain their registrations.  Further information regarding the registry and the registration process is available at the registry's website: 

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