Department of Banking and Finance Enters into a Consent Order with Money Source, Inc. and Farzin "Tony" Amini

June 8, 2009

Atlanta, Georgia ~ On June 8, 2009, the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance (“Department”) entered into a Consent Order with Money Source, Inc. (“Money Source”), License Number 13697, located at 1240 Powers Ferry Road, Suite No. 100, Marietta, Georgia 30067, and its owner, Farzin “Tony” Amini, to resolve allegations pertaining to violations of the Georgia Residential Mortgage Act and agency rules.

The terms of the Consent Order include the following:

  • Farzin “Tony” Amini shall adopt written Fraud Prevention and Detection/Quality Control Procedures that detail the measures that he will implement on behalf of Money Source and any other Georgia residential mortgage license in the future he directly or indirectly controls to prevent misrepresentations in loan documents to be transmitted to lenders. These procedures shall be submitted to the Department for its approval within 30 days of the effective date of the Consent Order;
  • Money Source and/or Farzin “Tony” Amini shall notify the Department in writing within 10 days of receipt of notification by any lender or state or federal regulatory body that any loan prepared by any agent of Money Source, including Farzin “Tony” Amini or any future licensee directly or indirectly controlled by him, was determined to contain discrepancies, misrepresentations, omissions or falsehoods; and
  • Farzin “Tony” Amini shall attend a 4-hour Department-approved education course in mortgage fraud within a 60-day period. 


Rod Carnes
Deputy Commissioner for Non-Depository Financial Institutions
Phone: (770) 986-1371


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