Georgia Department of Banking and Finance's Order to Cease and Desist Issued to Shane Wilcher Becomes Final

October 7, 2011

Atlanta, Georgia - On October 7, 2011, an Order to Cease and Desist issued by the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance (“Department”) to Shane Wilcher of Waleska, Georgia, became final.

This Order to Cease and Desist was issued by the Department after it obtained evidence that Shane Wilcher directly or indirectly engaged in the activities of a mortgage loan originator and/or mortgage broker and/or mortgage lender without first obtaining and maintaining the requisite mortgage licenses. 

On September 23, 2010, the Department denied the application of Shane Wilcher for a mortgage loan originator’s license. Since that time, Shane Wilcher has not been issued a mortgage loan originator’s license by the Department, nor does he hold a mortgage broker or mortgage lender’s license.

Pursuant to Georgia law, it is prohibited for any person to directly or indirectly make, solicit, purchase, place, process, negotiate, or service mortgage loans for others, or offer to solicit, process, place, or negotiate mortgage loans for others without a mortgage license or pursuant to an exemption from licensure.

In addition, an individual may not engage in the activities of a mortgage loan originator unless he has been licensed by the Department or is exempt from licensure by state law.

Rod Carnes
Deputy Commissioner for Non-Depository Financial Institutions
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The Department has regulatory and/or licensing authority over state-chartered banks, credit unions, trust companies, mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, mortgage processors, mortgage loan originators, check  cashers, sale of check companies, money transmitters, international banking organizations, and bank holding companies conducting business in Georgia.  Visit us on the Web at:


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