Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote safe, sound, competitive financial services in Georgia through innovative, responsive regulation and supervision.

Our Vision is to be a willing and able partner with our regulated entities in order to support vibrant economic growth and prosperity in Georgia.

Our Motto is: “Safeguarding Georgia’s Financial Services”

The Department’s Core Values are:

  • To maintain the safety and soundness of financial institutions and thereby promote confidence in the financial system;
  • To maintain responsiveness and credibility with consumers, employees and constituents;
  • To preserve the choice of financial institution charters by promoting a state system of financial institutions that is responsive to state and community needs;
  • To use technology to enhance our efficiency and effectiveness;
  • To assure a high level of staff professionalism that provides for quality performance, good decision-making, continuous learning and active participation in national and state professional organizations and policy-making bodies;
  • To encourage appropriate competition among financial service providers; and
  • To create and maintain a positive work environment which encourages open communications and equal opportunities for employment and advancement.