Mortgage License & Administrative Action Searches

Verify a Company or Individual is Licensed

To verify that a mortgage company or individual is licensed, please conduct a search using the NMLS Consumer Access portal at  The most accurate way to search is by using the company’s or individual’s NMLS number.  If a mortgage company or individual is licensed in Georgia, the system should return a record in the search results and Georgia will be listed under the State Licenses/Registrations section along with a Yes under the Authorized to Conduct Business column to denote that the mortgage company or individual can conduct business in Georgia. 


Administrative Action Search

Administrative action searches can no longer be conducted on the Department’s website per Department Rule 80-11-2-.02(1)(n).  To search for outstanding administrative actions on both licensed and unlicensed entities (including ineligible for hire information), you must conduct a search of the licensed or unlicensed entity via the NMLS Consumer Access portal at  Information related to final orders is available under the Regulatory Actions section of the entity’s NMLS Consumer Access record.