Consumer Resources

Who We Regulate

Georgia state-chartered banks, credit unions, trust companies, and merchant acquirer limited purpose banks (MALPBs).  If they conduct business in Georgia, we also regulate mortgage brokers, lenders, processors, mortgage loan originators, check cashers, sellers-issuers of payment instruments, money transmitters, international banking organizations, and bank holding companies.

The Department does not regulate national banks (examples: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, PNC) or federal credit unions, whether operating in Georgia or elsewhere.

Who we regulate is searchable at: for banks and trust companies; for bank holding companies; for credit unions; and for mortgage brokers/lenders/processors, mortgage loan originators, check cashers, sellers-issues of payment instruments, and money transmitters. 

Resolving Disputes

Customer service disputes are best resolved by direct communication with the financial service provider.  Disputes should be addressed to the provider directly, in writing, with confirmation of delivery.  For example, a brief letter stating the matter in dispute, supporting facts, and corrective action requested sent certified mail with return receipt.

File a Complaint

We do not intervene between consumers and financial service providers, but we do use complaint information in the regulatory process.  To file a complaint with the regulators, you may securely do so with the federal agency Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at (links off-site) or by telephone at (855) 411-2372.

Legal Assistance

If you are unable to resolve the dispute directly with the financial service provider and believe that the actions may be illegal, legal assistance and law enforcement resources that may be of assistance to you are available here Legal-Law Enforcement Resources

Additional Consumer Resources

For a comprehensive consumer resource, check out the Consumer Ed website, provided by the Georgia Department of Law's Consumer Protection Unit at (links off-site).

Refer to the Index of Financial Topics page for additional topics related to financial services.