Payments and Registrations

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization Form and Instructions


Payment of Annual Bank Holding Company Assessment Fees

Pay Annual Bank Holding Company Assessment Fees online at:  NOTE: This is the site to pay your annual holding company assessment on-line with ACH draft authorization or credit card.  This fee is required per Department Rule Rule 80-5-1-.03(3)(a).  Please click the following link for detailed instructions:   Download this pdf file.Holding Company Assessment Guide


Registration of Representative Offices for a Georgia State-Chartered Bank


Merchant Acquirer Limited Purpose Bank Fees



NOTE: All fees paid to the Department are non-refundable.

Application Fees:
  • MALPB Charter Application - $50,000;
  • Application for Additional Location - $1,250;
  • Approval of an MALPB Subsidiary - $1,000;                        
  • Holding Company Formation/Acquisition Application - $10,000; 
  • Change-in-Control Application - $10,000.


Annual Supervision and Registration Fees:
  • MALPB Annual Supervision Fee - $10,000;
  • MALPB Annual Holding Company Registration Fee - $5,000, plus $1,000 for each non-MALPB subsidiary of the holding company (not to exceed $20,000).


In addition to any fees imposed by third-party experts acting as special examiners, the Department is authorized to charge examination fees at the rate of $100 per examiner hour.