How Do I Renew My Mortgage License?

The annual renewal period is between November 1 and December 1.  Late Renewals are permitted between December 2 and December 31, although a late fine may be assessed by the Department via an agency fee invoice in NMLS for any renewal requests made on or after December 2.  Failure to submit a complete renewal application by December 31 will result in license expiration.  The Department does not participate in Reinstatement.  Expired licensees must make a new license request to be re-licensed in Georgia.


All mortgage license renewal filings must be made through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS).  Click HERE to access NMLS.

Click HERE to access the GA Mortgage License Renewal Requirements Checklist in NMLS for more details on what is required to renew your license.


Mortgage Broker/Processor License/Registration - $400 plus additional NMLS fees

Mortgage Lender License/Registration - $900 plus additional NMLS fees

Mortgage Loan Originator License - $200 plus additional NMLS fees

Mortgage Branch Approval - $0 plus additional NMLS fees (Please note that mortgage branches do not have a separate license, but must still be renewed if located in Georgia.  Branches fall under the company’s license.)