Certificate of Valid Existence for a Department-regulated Financial Institution

The Department can only attest to the valid existence of Georgia-chartered banks and credit unions and bank holding companies supervised by this Department.  The Department cannot issue a certificate of valid existence for national banks, federal thrifts, federal credit unions, or state-chartered banks or credit unions whose home state (charter) is a state other than Georgia.

The Department has a "self service" feature that generates the certificate on screen in the browser, and will therefore not issue hardcopies or manually created certificates.

Please go to the following website to begin the request for a certificate of valid existence for a Georgia financial institution: ValidExistence

Requests for Certificates of Existence or Certified Documents for corporations that are not financial institutions regulated by this Department should be submitted to the Georgia Secretary of State's office. Visit the Secretary of State's website for more information: https://ecorp.sos.ga.gov/