Complaint Record of Mortgage Licensees

Confidentiality laws will not allow us to discuss specific complaints against a licensee with the public.  Watch our Monthly Summary or check our website for the names of individuals and companies who have been subjected to final cease and desist orders or other administrative actions.   A list of revoked and suspended licenses is also included in the Monthly Summary.  Rest assured that we are taking all possible legal steps to ensure that companies operating illegally are properly sanctioned.  These sanctions can include substantial monetary fines or revocation or suspension of a license.  We use information from consumers or the industry as a basis for these actions.

Finally, consider referrals from friends and relatives when looking for a mortgage lender or broker.  Educate yourself about the process using state and federal agency websites and brochures before you apply for a loan.  Shop different providers and do not be hesitant about asking questions.  If you do not get a satisfactory answer, try a different lender or broker.