Enforcement Actions Against Non-Depository Financial Institutions and Licensees

Due to confidentiality laws, the Department cannot disclose or discuss specific complaints against any licensees with the public.  Any Final Orders against Georgia licensed entities or individuals, including mortgage brokers and lenders, mortgage loan originators, money transmitters, check cashers, and installment lenders, are published on NMLS Consumer Access.  If you wish to confirm whether an entity or individual is subject to any Final Orders from the Department, please visit www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org and search the entity or individual.

The Department utilizes information from consumer complaints (as well as industry reports and complaints) in its regulation of non-depository financial institutions and licensees. If the Department determines that a company or individual is not complying with Georgia law, the Department may take a number of actions against the company or individual including, but not limited to, fines, orders to cease and desist, and license revocation.  Many administrative actions issued by the Department originated from consumer complaints.