GILA Contacts

Installment Loans Contacts

The licensing, supervision, and examination of entities and activities that fall under the Georgia Installment Loan Act are primarily carried out by the Non-Depository Financial Institutions (NDFI) Division of the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance.

The Non-Depository Financial Institutions Division is also primarily responsible for the licensing, supervision, and examination of mortgage brokers/processors, lenders, registrants and loan originators, as well as the licensing and supervision of check cashers, sellers/issuers of payment instruments and money transmitters (collectively referred to as Money Service Businesses or MSBs).

General inquiries and consumer complaints related to the Georgia Installment Loan Act or the Georgia installment lending industry may be submitted to NDFI at

Rod Carnes, Deputy Commissioner for Non-Depository Financial Institutions

Justin McElheney, Director for Non-Depository Financial Institutions

Dominique Williams, Licensing Compliance Manager (Company applications contact)

Legal Matters should be directed to:

Elizabeth Harris, Attorney

Amy Patterson, Attorney

Please note that the NDFI Division does not accept walk-ins.  Please call (770) 986-1136 to make an appointment to speak to a member of our staff or e-mail the staff member directly if you know who you wish to speak with.